Seoul Good

MK (1)Coming on board to get a glimpse into the world of Michael Kor’s Fall collection has been quite an experience. Believe it or not, it is my first time to Seoul and I’m getting all good vibes from this trip. I’m even looking forward to planning my own holiday there some time.

MK (3)MK (5)MK (8)MK (6)MK (4)Holidays aside, I’m glad I got to get a feel of what Fall looks like in the MK world. The attention to details, the hours put into handmade goods, the luxurious and glamorous feel of what’s to come.

Thanks to Kailyn who very patiently walked me through the collection, explaining the finer details to me, the stories behind each piece of fabric. Knowing what goes into it kind of makes it more special, to me.

MK (7)A little project is on its way, and I’m totally looking forward to the end product.