Lady in Red

Another small little collaboration with Icon magazine, together with Jeremy Tan, Cindy Goh and Vanessa Choo. 12 years in the making. Suddenly it occurred to me, I just posted on Jeanius turning 12 as well. Coincidence? Very much so.

icon (1)icon (2)Ethereal. Dreamy. Poetic.

I think this is a style or feel I have always liked. Maybe because this is a perfect place to be in once in awhile. It offers much room for imagination, for being yourself, a place where no one bothers you. Then again, it’s probably just me going off on my own again, being in my own world.

icon (4)icon (3)I’m here because Jeremy invited me to be part of this spread, and it’s an honour to work with the best team. We have Mark Law as the photographer, what could go wrong? I have my team behind my look plus I have Jeremy taking care of my outfit. Shoots like this, I don’t even have to worry at all.

icon (6)Thank you for yet another wonderful shoot. Here’s wishing Icon magazine more wonderful and beautiful years to come.