Long Awaited Break

3 months. This is the longest break I have ever had in my entire career. I can’t even remember when I had a proper holiday. Sometimes, I manage to squeeze in a couple of days between projects, and if I am lucky, maybe a week. But having short breaks of a few days, I’d rather stay home and rest. Going somewhere near is another option, but anything that requires more than a 5hr flight is out of the question.

imageI was considering New Zealand. I have always wanted to go for a nice scenic road trip. However, I’m not a fan of Winter and so, I had to make other plans. Then Venice popped into my head. That’s how it came to be, a trip to Italy, and have Venice checked off my bucket list.

imageimageIt’s my first time to Italy and I loved it there. Italy’s such a beautiful place. Poetic and intriguing all at once. A place with such a rich history, filled with creativity and artistic flair. I spent hours in the museums and the ruins called out to me more than the malls in Milan.

Rome (146)imageimageimageWhat really surprised me was that I loved Rome more than I did Venice. The Pantheon, Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Vatican City, Trastevere, Borghese Gallery, Capitoline Museum were just some of the places I visited. There was so much to take in and I loved every moment of it. I have always loved listening and knowing about the stories behind every creation, and there is something amazing, even romantic, about the stories in Italy.

imageimageI guess there’s just this very old soul in me that enjoys these things.

Sorrento,Amalfi Coast-Positano (21)imageimageimageThe Amalfi Coast, Positano. The clear cool waters.. the fine sand.. the weather.. It all came together and made living there a very possible dream.

imageimageimageimageimageMilan (20)Why and how these buildings came to be! The grandeur, the intricate details, the materials used, the sculptures, the paintings, I’m in awe.

imageimageThe touristy thing that has to be done.

imageimageAssisi (6)It was really nice just roaming the streets, enjoying the scenery and the people, letting the mind go unfettered. It  was definitely nice to break away from the media as well. That said, I apologize for the lack of updates and snapchats. But thank you all for giving me this space to breathe.

Verona (47)imageimageimageThere is always time for some sketching. If anything at all, I’m missing all my art materials because it has all been packed into boxes and in storage because of my home renovations. Can’t wait for everything to be completed!

Lake Maggiore (256)Lake Maggiore (86)imageimageLake Maggiore (74)Beautiful white peacocks and peahens. Always had a certain fascination for them, what more a white one. It was regal. And that was the first time I ever got this up close to a peacock.

Siena (12)imageimageTorre Del Manga. I climbed this bell tower in Siena. I completed it thinking I did about 100 plus steps. Only to be informed I conquered 400 steps. I guess my stamina and fitness level isn’t that bad after all.

imageimageimageimageI spent two weeks travelling around Italy. Rome, Sorrento, Florence, Milan, and Venice. I felt that I would like to just spend the time there and fully enjoy the place, rather than do a touch-and-go trip covering a few countries altogether.

I liked it so much I decided to extend my trip when I went back to Rome. I’m so glad I did just that.

imageimageimageRome (224)imageRome (289)If you were looking out for the photos I took while in Venice, you won’t find them here. I just felt that for a place that I have dreamed of visiting for the longest time, and being the place that sparked off this holiday to Italy, it deserved a post on its own.

imageTill then…