Lost Pearls

I have gone for a couple of volunteer trips overseas over the years. My main concern was to help the children there, in whatever way I could. Be it cooking and bringing food to the villagers, helping out at the schools, drawing for them, or simply spending time with them. What I realized is that in impoverished situations, children with brilliant minds were deprived of education. Maybe they came from single parent families and had a huge financial burden; maybe they had big families with many siblings and they felt obliged to go out to work at a young age to bring home some money; maybe there was corruption in the school and could not afford to pay the teacher any money to continue classes. A charitable organization in China named these children “Pearls”, a name I felt was very apt. Children are the precious gems of the future, and if we can reach out to them and provide them with an education, their path to a better future is secured.

For those who know me, children and education come very close to my heart. This is definitely a cause I will do all I can to help and heighten awareness if possible.

I was happy to learn of NTUC Income’s OrangeAid for the pure fact that it reaches out to the two main concerns I have, children and education. I watched the video and it was as close to reality as I had seen before and it tugged at heartstrings.

You can get more information here and learn how you can make a donation



Just thought that I could also share some photos from my volunteer trip to Cambodia. There are so many lost pearls out there and we can start from those at home.

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cambodia 2

cambodia 4with the other volunteers and children of Cambodia

cambodia 3the good folks at Touch a Life

cambodia 5artwork that I did for the children in Cambodia