Sol’s World


Let it Snow

I’ve been drawing quite a fair bit this period of time because I was working on a little commissioned project. It was a steep learning curve and I learnt so much through this experience. I definitely want to learn more to improve my skill, and to even attempt animation so nothing gets compromised along the way.


White Christmas


The Perfect Star

Art is subjective and that’s the whole beauty of it. There is so much that I want to do with art, with Sol. Her whimsical nature, her curiosity, being in a world that is only known to her.


Make a Wish

I’m really grateful to have this opportunity to put Sol on a very different platform, to see her grow and evolve some more. These are the 4 that made it on to the social media platforms as commissioned work, presented as original pieces.

And since it’s Christmas, I decided to have another one done specially for all of you. Here’s wishing you a wonderful Christmas filled with love and happiness.

Finding Happiness

Finding Happiness