The Dream Job

The Dream Job.

What is your dream job? Is what you’re doing your dream job? Do you think dream jobs even exist?

imageI have always loved dancing, I wanted to be a professional dancer. I love music, I play the saxophone and enjoyed the moments I played my solo on stage. I also majored in Theatre Studies and graduated with an Honours degree. I love the stage. STAGE was a dream, in a very ideal situation.

Now, I do television dramas. I work in front of the camera. I guess acting is amazing because I get to live the lives of many different people. I travelled through time, I played my own mother, played a millionaire, I lived through war and survived it. I also survived 1.5hrs sleep over a span of 4-5 months, sustained injuries over my whole body including my face, gone into depression as a result of playing such a role, fainted due to fatigue. The list goes on…

Entertainment, not all that glamorous. Respect for the craft is more important, but even that is lacking now. Dream job? Maybe not such a dream in realistic terms. Passion and respect drives it. Oh yes! And hard work. You just got to freaking drill in the foundation, and work so damn hard, don’t complain and never give up. Then again, hard work applies for every job scope in the world, doesn’t it?

imageimageimageMy dream Job?

I’m working on my next dream… A Bakery. I believe in dreams. I believe it will materialize in time to come.