I was just going through the photos from Star Awards 2017 and somehow it didn’t really inspire me to write anything about it. Well, not just yet.

Instead, I felt inclined to post about something that took place some time back in December 2016, when Jeanius turned 12.

jeanius (1)jeanius (2)12 years, it has been an amazing journey. I remember how it was when Jeanius first started. I remember how some fans have been with me since day one. I am grateful to everyone of you, doesn’t matter when you joined me in my journey, I just greatly appreciate everything. I am where I am today because of all of you.

jeanius (3)jeanius (4)I think it’s about all the silly things we do together. A small bbq pit that had such huge fire it burnt a good portion of the food. Funky tasting jelly beans. Games that had everyone cheering when I got the forfeit. Charades that had me perspiring like I just did a marathon. Good fun, good times.

jeanius (6)

Eyes on the new game!

jeanius (7)jeanius (8)jeanius (9)Thank you for accepting me as I am, for letting me be comfortable just being myself. It feels so much simpler and less complicated just hanging out with you guys, I find myself being able to laugh so hard at stuff. Thank you for something as simple as that.

jeanius (10)jeanius (11)jeanius (12)This year, we had a  pleasant surprise when fans from Cambodia and Brunei joined us. Thank you all for making time, flying all the way here to join us in celebration of yet another year.

jeanius (12)12 years isn’t easy. We’ve gone through so much, I think it’s not easy supporting someone like me, where things aren’t exactly a bed of roses, where the path seems slightly harder to tread on. You’ve all shed tears for me, celebrated success, shared moments that were kind of bleah, but most importantly, you’ve all grown up with me.

I’m looking forward to the next gathering already. This time, it’s going to be something really meaningful, let’s spread this joy and love to those around us. See you all then, in June.