The Long Absence

My home renovations did more than just minor disruptions to my blogging schedule. The long absence from this space probably made many of you think that I’m never coming back in here to update anything again.

Apologies for all that. Now that I’m back, there are so many things to post and update. So let me start with this one, on my trip to Beijing and the shots that I managed to get along the way when I had some free time.

montblanc-1montblanc-3montblanc-2montblanc-4montblanc-5montblanc-6China is beautiful in so many ways. I wished I had more time to travel around and take in the sights and sounds of this amazing place. If anything at all, I’m not exactly a city girl at heart. I much prefer going by scenic roads and be in touch with the blue skies and vast lands. Does that make any sense to you at all?

montblanc-13montblanc-12montblanc-9montblanc-15montblanc-14Has it occurred to anyone of you.. that when you are away from home, anywhere and everywhere you go just seems to be a good spot for photos. I guess a change of environment from time to time is good for all of us (personal opinion).

montblanc-16montblanc-17montblanc-21Absolutely love this shot.

Don’t worry.

Let every moment be what it’s meant to be.

What’s meant to be will come your way.

What’s not will fall away.

– Mandy Hale

Photos by Pauline Soh